Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Is an Adventure/Action RPG game developed by Nintendo for the NES. It was first released as a Famicom Disk System version on January 14, 1987 and later released on December 1988 as a cartridge. This is the second game in the Zelda series. It's also the only direct sequel to the first Zelda game. The game was reviewed by The Angry Video Game Nerd on August 4, 2010. The Nerd is unable to defeat it traditionally, but is somehow able to win using the Power Glove while explaining things to the camera.


While remarking about how strange the enemy names are in the Zelda canon, he pronounces "keese" as "keys", asking what the keys are called. It should be noted that the more common pronunciation for "keese" has the word rhyme with "fleece".

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