Sad to say, but looking at Taco Wiz's profile, this Wikia Founder has only contributed the bare essentials of this Wiki, and gone off to pastures unknown.

I'm tired of being unable to delete pages that need it, and of being unable to standardize the formatting of the (debatably) most active part of this Wiki: Transcripts of AVGN episodes.

If some people were able to do these things, it would very much improve the community and our ability to give accurate, understandable information about The Angry Video Game Nerd.

It would be a big job, but we do need at least ONE admin for this Wiki.

If no one objects, I plan to apply for admin privileges on the Angry Video Game Nerd Wiki, to adopt it. If I do become an admin, I promise to assign admin privileges to other responsible contributors as soon as possible, because this place needs more than one guiding hand.

Thank you for reading,


P.S. If, by some chance, I'm mistaken, and there are some Admins who notice this blog, I still wish to become an Admin, regardless.

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