Well, thanks to those who've looked at my last blog post, or the Talk page on the Main page. I am going to ask to adopt the AVGN Wiki, and will let everyone know in a future blog post if my request is successful.

Unfortunately, I think I've been amiss in not mentioning a few things:

Many, many, MANY thank yous to all the editors who've been contributing from 2008 to the present, no matter if it was one page or one word. I've pretty much jumped into the deep end of things myself, trying to maintain a good wiki for the sake of my own love of Cinemassacre Productions and AVGN.

But I went about it without thinking about how a wiki is supposed to work: on the good will and honest hard work of everyone. I'd like to be able to discover how to make things right in the wiki, not just for me, but for everyone.

That means going about things democratically. Even if it does mean that decisions on the wiki's daily functioning take longer to implement, so be it. I'd like every contributor and editor to have a say in how the nitty-gritty of things will be done here.

So, even though it's belated: Hello, everyone! Welcome! I hope everyone that visits or edits will have a good time at the AVGN wiki!

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