• Llirium

    I've just recently been made an Admin and Bureaucrat of this Wiki. My goal, and I hope we can all share it, is to make this a place that is the go-to for information about The Angry Video Game Nerd and other Cinemassacre shows, and have a lot of fun while doing it.

    Feel free to leave messages for me or speak your mind on what direction you'd like to see the Wiki go in. I honestly believe that we can all make this Wiki great!

    Now, on to business. There is little to no Rules or Policies (as of yet) on the Wiki. I'm new to this, too, so let's all try to take the first few steps into making the Angry Video Game Nerd wiki into an awesome place!

    Remember, you vote with your comment, or lack thereof. Let's hear a few suggestions!

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  • Llirium

    AVGN Wiki - Adoption Request

    December 28, 2013 by Llirium

    Well, thanks to those who've looked at my last blog post, or the Talk page on the Main page. I am going to ask to adopt the AVGN Wiki, and will let everyone know in a future blog post if my request is successful.

    Unfortunately, I think I've been amiss in not mentioning a few things:

    Many, many, MANY thank yous to all the editors who've been contributing from 2008 to the present, no matter if it was one page or one word. I've pretty much jumped into the deep end of things myself, trying to maintain a good wiki for the sake of my own love of Cinemassacre Productions and AVGN.

    But I went about it without thinking about how a wiki is supposed to work: on the good will and honest hard work of everyone. I'd like to be able to discover how to make t…

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  • Llirium

    Sad to say, but looking at Taco Wiz's profile, this Wikia Founder has only contributed the bare essentials of this Wiki, and gone off to pastures unknown.

    I'm tired of being unable to delete pages that need it, and of being unable to standardize the formatting of the (debatably) most active part of this Wiki: Transcripts of AVGN episodes.

    If some people were able to do these things, it would very much improve the community and our ability to give accurate, understandable information about The Angry Video Game Nerd.

    It would be a big job, but we do need at least ONE admin for this Wiki.

    If no one objects, I plan to apply for admin privileges on the Angry Video Game Nerd Wiki, to adopt it. If I do become an admin, I promise to assign admin privile…

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