The Transformers: Mystery of Convoy (戦え! 超ロボット生命体トランスフォーマー コンボイの謎(ナゾ) Tatakae! Chō Robotto Seimeitai Toransufōmā: Konboi no Nazo?), is a 1986 Family Computer video game developed by ISCO and published by Takara exclusively in Japan. It is based on the popular toyline Transformers.[1] The game was made available on the Virtual Console on June 10, 2008.[2]

The game stars Autobot protagonist Ultra Magnus. The titular Mystery is the identity of Optimus Prime's (referred to in the title as "Convoy") killer, as the 1986 film did not see a Japanese release for another four years. Thus, Optimus Prime's death was not adequately explained to the Japanese audience; this game was intended to capitalize on that gap.

2009 AVGN Episodes

This game is the main focus of the Nerd's Transformers review. It was first posted on GameTrailers on June 17,2009 and on YouTube January 18, 2011.

The Nerd Complaints

  • It does not have the theme song (with the exception of the startup screen). Instead, it's a bland music that loops repeatedly throughout the game. The boss battles have their own music.
  • One hit and the player dies. You get three lives, no continues or checkpoints. However, you do get a continue code (when you get a game over, hold A, B and Start button).
  • You can play as Rodimus Prime if you collect all letters in RODIMUS. He should have been a 2nd player. Instead both players control Ultra Magnus.
  • There are way too many hazards and projectiles like in Silver Surfer.
  • When trying to avoid getting hit, you get hit by another hazard.
  • You can't shoot through the walls.
  • The enemies have a huge advantage over you. They can pass through solid walls, camoflauge in the background, and their projectiles can kill you even if you're near the object. Some enemies can also take several hits to die, are small and move very fast and in irregular patterns.
  • If you try and fire, but your bullet flies anywhere other than dead center, it passes through.
  • You can't expect any enemies coming until it's too late.
  • Some of the bosses are Decepticon logos and a " nuclear macademia nut inside of a moon." This shows lack of Decepticon characters.
  • Flashing screens.
  • Hard to reach jumps.
  • Transforming in the game is suicide but only works if you need to pass through a narrow gap.
  • Lack of Autobots to choose in the game.
  • In stage 9, if you don't collect the key and go through the stage in a certain pattern, you're replaying this stage again in an endless loop. The game does not explain what you're supposed to do, unless you read it on the Internet. The route you need to take is difficult than the common sense way.
  • Most of the levels in the game are the same exact thing just slightly modified (e.g. Stage 10 is just Stage 8 backwards).
  • The difficulty is too high.
  • Megatron isn't the final boss, but it's Trypticon (or MechaGodzilla as the Nerd calls it).

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