The Nerd: It's Cinemassacre's Monster Madness Godzillathon!

The Nerd: Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster involves a group of people who get stranded on an island where there's a secret organization producing nuclear weapons. They capture anyone living on the island using them as slaves. Nobody can escape because the bad guys also have a giant monster named Ebirah under their control who guards the island.

The Nerd: Lucky for the good guys, they find Godzilla sleeping in a cave. So they wake him up by attracting a bolt of lightning with a sword. And from there, he does battle with the enemy planes, tramples on their base and fights Ebirah. 

The Nerd: Godzilla looks like the Cookie Monster and he likes volleyball. (Godzilla and Ebirah play volleyball) This is pretty awkward.

(Ebirah's claw comes out of the ocean)

Man: (in Japanese) A giant claw!

The Nerd: And doesn't the music kind of sound like James Bond? (The music had a very similar James Bond music) Even Mothra makes an appearance in adult form and has a brief encounter with Godzilla. He also fights a giant bird which is probably the worst Godzilla fight ever because you can't even see what's going on. Should've been The Giant Claw. 

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