(The Cinemassacre logo appears, with "2008" fading in underneath it.)

James D. Rolfe: Who's that fat tub of fuck covered in doodoo? Well, that's me. In fact, that's the oldest photograph of me that I know of, and don't worry, that's chocolate pudding. I look pretty funny in most of these old photos and Super-8 films. This was the early '80s, and

James: To this day, I've made 199 movies, but right now, that number is changing to 200. What's my 200th movie? You're watching it right now. This is Cinemassacre 200, a documentary on how it all started.

(Cut to a Super-8 film of James receiving a tape recorder one Christmas morning.)

James: It all started as a kid when I got an audio tape recorder for Christmas.

Nothing we did was rehearsed

Titles were another story

Under construction.

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