Yeah, it's the holiday season again. So today, were gonna look back the past 4 years. Let's start with 2006, A whole year goes by, playing crappy games, and then I have to blow it all up with a HUGE Christmas special. Man, it was grueling. It was my first Christmas special, So I didn't really know of too many Christmas games, but I happened to stumble upon these Bible Games, which were unlicensed, unauthorized games made by third-rate companies for the NES, based off the Bible. Remember that? Yeah, let's take a look at that again.

(Clips from Bible Games)

It was terrible what I played, I can't believe what I put myself through, but it was only the beginning. The next year, 2007, I became a full-out scrooge and that's when things started to get really crazy.

(Clips from An Angry Nerd Christmas Carol: Parts 1 & 2)

What a great decision that was, Yeah, well, the following year 2008.... I found more Bible Games. What was I thinking to put myself through another round of that?

(Clips from Bible Games 2)

Did anyone stop and think that might get a little redundant? The CD-i games were the worst of all, and there's still a few more Bible Games floating around somewhere so it's possible there could be a Bible Games III, but why would I torture myself with that? So, the following year 2009.... I tried to lessen the blow a little bit, with Winter Games, an NES game based on Winter sporting events.

(Clips from Winter Games)

Yeah, my living room smells like burning plastic, there's crap all over the floor, and there's an endless supply of terrible games. That's all I've done the past 4 years is play all these abombinations! Well, I hope you have a good holiday season, I hope you get some good games this year. Stay away from the bad ones!

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