The Nerd: (holding game box) Michael. Jackson's. Moonwalker. Right off the bat you want to laugh. I know you do but think back to the 80's when everybody was into Michael Jackson. Sure now he's a subject of joke and ridicule but you gotta remember. I think Dave Chappelle said it best (pulls out large Micheal Jackson Thriller card). He made Thriller (unfolds card to full shot of Michael). Thriller. Back then there weren't too many videogames where you could play as a celebrity so that's why it was a big deal (Moonwalker arcade footage is shown). It was based off the arcade game of the same name which was based off of the movie of the same name. It was one of the first games that attracted us to the new Sega Megadrive, known as the Genesis in North America (the Nerd's hands throw an NES controller aside and he shows off the Genesis). American NES players like myself looked on with envy when this sexy beast hit the scene. It was black, it was round, and it said "16-bit" right on the front like, "In your face, bitch!" Moonwalker was one of the first Genesis games I ever played (game footage). At the time, I thought it was awesome, but other than the novelty of it being Michael Jackson, there wasn't really anything special about it.

Michael Jackson: Wooh!

(the Nerd opens the box and removes the cartridge)

The Nerd: (to the cartridge) The only question is, are you bad? Are you bad? Let's find out (puts in the game).

Michael Jackson's Voice: I'm bad!

The Nerd: (describes what's happening on screen as it happens) As it begins, Michael flips a coin in the jukebox and Smooth Criminal starts up.

(as Smooth Criminal plays, the Nerd dances and mouths "Wooh!", as Michael says it. Michael kicks dust at men in suits and rescues a girl behind a door)

The Nerd: So all you do is go around, kick fairy dust at people, and rescue kids. Yeah, you can't advance to the next level until you get all the kids.

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