("We Wish You a Merry Christmas" plays and ornaments numbered 1-25 are seen on a Christmas tree. A raspberry sound is heard and the cover to Rallo Gump appears on the 9 ornament, along with shit.)

Rallo Gump, an obscure DOS game from the 90's. Well, it's an infantile way. It's like a child, exploring the world for their first time. This child dreams of flying like Superman while wearing a weird hat. Notice the bird-like creature devoid of wings. But the human, also devoid of wings, is the one who manages to fly. It depicts the freedom of one's own imagination, of ambition to defy all implausibilities. Below, the ground, is cross-sectioned out, so we can see the fish, with the lack of imagination being trapped in his own boundaries. The eye on a silver pedestal that sees the world through the child's vision. The only way to see true magnificence is to open your eye big and wide. Behind the mountain, the most terrifying part of the whole image, a scary face that came loose from a totem pole, the creature of nightmares! But the kid, who is in control of his dreams, has the monster-barricaded behind the mountains, locked away as seen by the key hole. But with no key in sight, the nightmare is effectively locked away.

Or it's somebody who took a lot of drugs. W-What kind of ga- What kind of cover is this? "Rallo Gump"? What is a Gump? Like Forrest Gump? Or the Gump from the "Oz" books? This is one of few covers where the artists put their name on it. NO... And a free game comes with it, just in case Rallo Gump doesn't catch on.

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