("We Wish You a Merry Christmas" plays and ornaments numbered 1-25 are seen on a Christmas tree. A raspberry sound is heard and the cover to Ghost Lion appears on the 10 ornament, along with shit.)

Ghost Lion for NES! It's medieval aerobics time. The tights, the sword, the jewels, the Egyptian snake arm band, the wild golden hair going past her ass! The oversized sleeveless shirt that looks like she borrowed from Arnold Schwarzenegger. You know what? This is awesome. I wanna see somebody cosplay as the Ghost Lion girl. This is an 80's metal album cover. There's no doubt about it! But at the last minute, they decide to turn it into an NES game instead. I wanna hear the band Ghost Lion! There was an 80's band called Lion who did the "Transformers Movie" theme song. There's also White Lion and appearantly there is, or was a band called Ghost Lion according to ..myspace.

So, what about the lion? Why is it behind the mountains? Is it a giant? It doesn't look like any of these elements exist in the same place. Notice how Three-Dimensionally detailed the girl is, compare to the flatness of the lion and the pink background plains. I think that's all part of the cardboard cutout and she's posing in front of it. Kinda like one of those promotional movie theatre backdrops you can get a picture with? She sees the Ghost Lion, thinks it so funny. She gets a picture with it, but she happens to be cosplaying as something unrelated. That's exactly what's happening! Why else would she be smiling and looking right at the camera? If she was really going into battle, she'd look much more serious. But the one part that bothers me is that you don't see the whole sword. It takes your eyes off the composition, like she's poking at something. What is happening? Is she stabbing somebody? Is that why she has that devilish grin? There's no question what decade this is. This is the 80's. But you wanna know a little surprise? The game came out in '92. But could you imagine if she was wearing flannel and baggy jeans? THAT WOULD LOOK STUPID.

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