James Rolfe: When I first heard that a live-action Transformers movie was gonna be made, I was thinking "You have got to be kidding!" When I saw the first teaser, I wasn't the least bit excited because I thought "You know, this doesn't look like Transformers at all. it looks more like Apollo 13." So when the movie came out, all my friends were telling me "James, this movie's unbelievable. Holy shit, you have to go see it! It's the most amazing thing I've ever seen!" I was surprised how there weren't really any mixed opinions. it was pretty unanimous that this movie blew everybody's mind. so maybe I thought "This movie is more than meets the eye." And as corny as that was what I just said that pretty much sums up the movie. I went to see it, and yeah it was pretty entertaining. But it didn't blow my mind and I didn't think it was as amazing as everybody said. But nevertheless, a fun time. There are a few things that bothered me, and it's just my own personal opinion. I didn't like the love story I thought it was cliché. I thought I moved along a little slow. At times I felt like I was watching a teen comedy and not transformers. I was disappointed with how Devastator was handled. I miss the Transformers theme song and overall wasn't happy with the music selections. Some of the jokes were kinda dumb like the masturbation part. And having Optimus Prime say "My bad!" was kinda surreal. The ending was maybe the biggest problem i had. I just thought it was rushed. And after such a massive battle, I thought it could have had a better climax. Now, you might disagree and all that aside It was pretty entertaining and I didn't feel that it did any major injustice to the Transformers. So for the first live-action Transformers movie, It was pretty good. Now what did I like? Well, Peter Cullen doing the voice for Optimus Prime after twenty years. That was a treat. The famous transforming sound effect was there, but transformers nostalgia aside was it a good movie on its own? Yeah. But the main thing it did for me was the last half hour. The action scenes were pretty damn good. The only thing: I'm not a fan of CG. But with all the moving parts on the Transformers, the animators did a fantastic job. The comedy worked pretty well actually for the most part The human characters were alright, and Wow. She's pretty nice. So I think this is a film a lot of people can enjoy. Go check it out. It was pretty interesting see both a new Ninja Turtles movie And a new Transformers movie in the same year. What's next, Thundercats? Yeah G.I. Joe? Yeah. Well, okay!

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