James Rolfe: Well, I don't have time to see every movie this summer let alone give a review for each one, but because I've made so many Star Trek related videos in the past it seems appropriate. Obviously the movie just came out I just saw it, so here's my initial impression. The first half sucked, then it got better. So my conclusion is: it was alright. I know I'll get blasted even for having a neutral opinion. I can see people hating it or thinking it's amazing. You could go either way. Audiences are so unpredictable. So if you already have a preconceived feeling about it, then there's no point listening to what I have to say. You're listening to me because you want to hear what I think. As I'm equally interested to see the comments and find out what other people think too. For those who haven't seen it, I'm gonna reveal a little so consider that your spoiler alert. The plot involves red matters, supernovas, black holes and Old Spock going back in time. It's just as weird as any Star Trek and if you overthink it, it gets confusing. But it's not half as crazy as Search for Spock or maybe Generations. So I'd say it's all pretty much on par and has a little kick making it more commercial than any Star Trek which could be viewed as a bad thing or not. I can say it was flashy, it was action packed, it was entertaining but I wasn't totally impressed. What bothered me was how many flat-out ridiculous moments there were. Early on there's a scene where the young Kirk's in a Corvette being chased by a cop. The whole scene is edited to Sabotage by the Beastie Boys. Good song, but was it necessary? I guess that's sorta the new style nowadays. Instead of a traditional score go for a pop song that everybody's heard before. So Kirk drives straight toward a canyon even if you seen the trailer you know what happens. He pretty much nearly kills himself. What a dumbass. This scene doesn't have anything to do with the story. It's pointless. Flash forward to the young adult Kirk. He's portrayed as a reckless youth, which I agree that's how we should be But they went WAY WAY too far. There's a bar scene where he meets Uhura, and he flat-out sexually harasses her. Then starts a bar fight. They made him into a very unlikable character from the start. He's an asshole. But toward the end, he starts to redeem himself and this is a prequel so it's intended that characters start somewhere and then somewhere. But the way in which he's bumped up to Captain could have been thought out a little better. I had some issues with Spock too. I guess it's because it's a young Spock that hasn't learned the control his emotions yet, but every time he went into that monstrous rage It really had me scratching my head. Now for the real shocker: There's a romance between Spock and Uhura! It's not in the forefront of the story, but when it happens it's so abrupt and unexplained. I really didn't understand why was it was happening and what effect it supposed to have on the canon of the Original Series. A more dedicated and hardcore fan of Star Trek could probably explain all these things. Or perhaps the other way around. They could probably nit-pick it to death I consider myself a casual fan a Star Trek which puts me in a reasonable position. But these complaints I have are very basic things. Leonard Nimoy was a welcome addition and it was kinda touching see the Old Spock pass the torch to the young Spock. There are quotes, particularly from the McCoy which are famous lines you expect to hear in Star Trek. To sum things up, it was okay. It was certainly better than some in the past Star Trek movies, but didn't have the depth and the heart that always made Trek at its best. So that's what I thought maybe you thought different. That's fine. This is Cinemassacre, signing out.

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