The games you should play instead of these disasters are Turok 2, Mario Party and Super Mario Kart, the classics they're modeled after. If you want South Park, just watch the show.

Trivia / Mistakes

  • Matei mentions that the only enemies in the South Park game are turkeys. This isn't true because there are also aliens, robots, mutant clones and killer toys as enemies.
  • To beat the turkey boss in South Park, you have to shoot the target on the butt and NOT the head, as it will cause more damage.
  • The mini-game, Save Scuzzlebutt is actually based off the classic Nintendo Game and Watch game, Fire.
  • The 'hillbilly,' Matei mentions is actually the Chickenlover (the book mobile driver).
  • You actually need to collect the checkpoints in order to win a lap in South Park Rally.
  • There are actually more challenges in South Park Rally, (i.e. holding the antidote to mad cow disease until time runs out; use the cupid arrows to attack other players)

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