The Wizard of Oz video game is released on SNES and is loosely based off the movie of the same name in 1993.

Angry Video Game Nerd Episode

The Nerd reviewed this game on Sept. 11, 2009 on YouTube and on March 4, 2008 on GameTrailers.

List of the Nerd's complaints

While praising the game for its title, the fact you can play as the main Oz characters, switch between them and have individual life bars, he lists the problems in the game:

  1. The demo shows Dorthy fall into a hole and die in a matter of seconds. This shows that the creators did not try to make it look good and serves as a foreshadowing for a bad game.
  2. The introduction of the game is poorly designed.
  3. Random enemies that are not found in the movie or book.
  4. You can get hit by enemies in the background which makes no sense in first person persepective.
  5. The ammo used to shoot are scarce and you run out of ammo easily.
  6. The kick is useless due to the fact that most enemies attack from above.
  7. You can't kick while jumping.
  8. You're constantly taking hits hoping to have spare energy in the game.
  9. Even though you can play as other characters, their attack range doesn't improve.
  10. Tinman is the most useless character in the game. He can use his ax and kick, but he can't jump or duck at all, despite being a platforming game.
  11. If you don't land dead center on a platform or jump at an angle you fall through, making the game unplayable.
  12. The ridiculous long password.
  13. You have to be on the arrow or be on top of the arrow to beat the level.
  14. You can't jump down from platforms.
  15. The levels are poorly designed due to the fact that the platforms are all at random, sometimes out of reach and some where you can't tell which are decoration.
  16. Navigating through the last level, Emerald City is confusing.


  • The events in this episode of this game's review sync up with the first two tracks from Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon album. This is a reference to Dark Side of the Rainbow, an alleged sync-up of the 1939 film and Dark Side of the Moon.

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