TGWTG Team Brawl was a special event celebrating the one year anniversary of the Nostalgia Critic's website, That Guy With the Glasses. It is something of a sequel to AVGN Vs. Nostalgia Critic – The Final Battle.


While cheerfully singing a song atop a building, the Nostalgia Critic unexpectedly meets up with the Nerd. They begin to fight again, beating up anyone who gets in the way, until they come to an elevator. They enter it and continue fighting in an upstairs room.

The Nerd knocks the Critic to the floor and is about to finish him when he is also knocked to the floor by the Nostalgia Chick. After the Chick helps the Critic up, they begin beating up the Nerd until the Critic is again knocked to the floor by Kyle Justin. The Nostalgia Chick throws a punch at Kyle, but he blocks it with his guitar and hits her with it.

The Nerd and Kyle Justin begin to overpower the Critic and the Chick when Linkara steps in and stops them by pointing his toy gun at them. The Nerd mocks Linkara until he shoots off Kyle Justin's hat. He is about to shoot again when Benzaie punches him out. The Critic believes that Benzaie is on their side until Benzaie punches him in the face and explains, in French, that "he's a gamer first and a friend second" and that "Mr. Video Game Nerd is a god among gamers." The Critic reads Benzaie's subtitles and proclaims his hatred for Benzaie.

This is interrupted by another member of TGWTG, Handsome Tom (along with 8 Bit Mickey), who says that he has a score to settle with someone he's known for quite a while. As the camera slowly begins to pan towards the Nerd, it quickly shifts to Benzaie, who tried (and failed) to defeat Tom in Street Fighter.

Soon enough, different team members are appearing out of the woodwork! Eventually, the rift grows so big that all the critics and gamers line up on opposite sides of the room. The Nerd delivers a great motivational speech, while all the Critic can come up with is different speeches from movies. The Critic proclaims that this will be the final battle between him and the Nerd.

Everyone attacks and chaos ensues, with commentary from Transmission Awesome. The Critic eventually bumps into the Nerd and they continue from where they left off. Among the chaos, people lose track of who's on which team and the Critic and the Nerd begin playing Geek Fight. The Critic gets frustrated and attempts to shoot the Nerd, who throws a pen at him.

The Nerd begins to overpower the Critic when he is attacked by Chester A. Bum. Chester briefly gets the upper hand, but the Nerd distracts him with loose change. While this is happening, the Critic recovers his gun and attempts to shoot the Nerd. However, the Nerd had brought his Super Scope. Both the Critic and the Nerd try to shoot each other.

The Critic succeeds in disarming the Nerd. Ma-Ti picks up the Nerd's Super Scope and fires it at everyone until he runs out of ammo. Suddenly, Super Mecha Death Christ 2000 BC Version 4.0 Beta barges in with his signature cry of "fuckers!". However, the room starts to shake. The Critic says that it is Giant Robotic Donkey Kong Jesus riding a puff of smoke. Super Mecha Death Christ goes outside and grows to match Donkey Kong Jesus's size. The two monsters collide and appear to destroy each other completely.

The fighting resumes. Everyone seems ready to tear each other apart until a voice yells "Hold it!". Everyone looks to see who it is. It is Ask That Guy, who says that war is never the answer. He asks the Critic and the Nerd if they even remember what they were fighting about, which neither of them do. He suggests that everyone unify to create something new and better. The Critic agrees.

The Nerd suggests that they review something together, to which the Critic agrees. Everyone joins together for a group photo to show how truly united they are. Everyone, that is, except Ma-Ti. The Nerd says this is to "whatever the hell they review".


Team Critic

Team Nerd

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