Superman 64

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Superman 64 is an Angry Video Game Nerd episode. It first aired on July 8, 2008. It is a "sequel" to the previous episode Superman.


The episode opens with the Nerd saying that the wait was finally over.

He holds up Superman... on the Commodore 64. He pulls out the game (which is a floppy disk) and fans himself with it before inserting it into the Commodore 64. The first thing he must do is type in a password found in the manual. The game goes to a loading screen. The wait is exceedingly long (the Nerd timed it and it took 2:07). The title screen then comes up and instructs the Nerd to type in a specific number from the manual. After he does that, it goes to another loading screen. After that, the game goes to a comic book style opening then one final loading screen.

When the game finally starts, the Nerd says that the graphics are quite good. He states that it is actually better than the Nintendo version. After he beats the first level, he goes onto the second level, in which he has to protect a space ship. He beats that then the game goes to a sidescroller. This is where he loses his patience. He removes the game from the console.

He then realizes that this was not the review that his fans were requesting. They wanted to see Superman for the Nintendo 64. He puts it in the console. He has the same complaint about the music. As the game begins, he has to fly through rings within a strict time limit (it gives you barely enough time to fly through all the rings). If he misses more than 3 rings, he has to restart the whole level.

He doesn't do a very good job at it, but states that it was the control. He calls it horrendous and says that that is really pathetic, because the game wasn't even 10 years old (at the time this episode aired, it wasn't). He presumably gets stuck under a bridge. He says that he screwed around too much and couldn't make the time limit. He attempts to commit suicide by ramming into a building, but can't.

He finally passes the level, but in the second level he has no idea what to do. The instructions remain on screen for barely a second so he can't even read them (they say "Lift the two cars before they crush the innocent people.") Naturally, he fails the stage. He is transported all the way back to stage 1. He passes that, then goes to stage 2, where he fails because he still does not know what to do. He goes back to stage 1 again. When he passes, he returns to stage 2 yet again. He finally figures out what to do and passes.

But after he does, he has to go through more rings. He passes that. For stage 4, he must pick up a police car and take it to the station. This is where he notices a pattern. Go through rings, pick up cars, go through rings, pick up cars. He completes the level, but then has to go through even more rings.

He decides that he is finished with the game, and that it doesn't belong on this planet. He opens his shirt to reveal a Superman shirt underneath. He flies up to the sun where he disposes of the game.

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Episode Notes

This episode's theme is a techno remix of the regular one.

The Nerd's Attire

Normal clothes (however, at the end, he opens his white shirt to reveal a Superman shirt underneath. He rebuttons the white shirt in a manner that looks like a cape).