Spielberg Games
Directed By
James Rolfe
Release Date
April 7, 2011
Games Reviewed
Jaws, Hook, Jurassic Park (NES, Sega Genesis, SNES, Sega CD), Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition, Jurassic Park 2: The Chaos Continues, Jurassic Park Interactive
Length Time
Previous Episode
R.O.B. The Robot
Next Episode
The Making of The Angry Video Game Nerd

Speilberg Games is the 101th episode of The Angry Video Game Nerd (series).


It begins with the Nerd talking about how making a game based of a movie by a famous director and making it is the worst gaming company that make a lot of shitty games leads to one shitty game. He then talks about Jaws, about how bad the gameplay is and its enemies. He then talks about how to beat the game is very long and hard. He then stops playing and plans to give it away to a store opening in 2015. He then picks up a box with games based of Speilberg's movies. He grabs a random game which is E.T but the Nerd throws it and gets scared by it. He then gets Hook.

He talks about how Hook wasn't on of the greatest of Speilberg. But the game is just plain shit, he talks how annoying it is for Tinker Bell wandering during the text scenes is annoying. He talks how Peter looks like Robin Williams and how small his sword is. He also compains how the logs look like actual crap. Also how playing the game is very hard and not fair and also how leafs can be really annoying. He ends the game and begins picking out another game. He then looks at the E.T. game and ignores it. He then grabs Jurassic Park on NES

He talks how the graphics on the dinosaurs are decent and then compains on the groundwork. He then talks on the character and the goal of the game which is to collect eggs. Then talks about the question marks stating that its a risk. He then talks about the Sega Genesis version, and stating the opening is scary. He talks that the human character sucks at weapons and the Raptor is horrible with the jumping. Stating its not that bad, he turns to its sequel callled the Rampage Edition. He states the sub-name is not good but then talks about the graphics and gameplay which its a lot different then the last one. He then talks about the Super Nintendo version stating its like the NES but better. He talks on how diffucult the first person is and then about there is no save feature. He then moves to the sequel, The Chaos Continues. He talks how getting to the next part is annoying since there is no sign on how to get there.

Then he talks about the Sega CD version, and how boring it. Then moves towards the 3DO game, which is the weirdest one. He talks about all the mini-games sucks in their own ways. He then talks about the most weirdest game in his collection called E.T Go Come on the 2600. He talks about how the game looks like Pac-Man and is not the E.T. game. He then stress the fact while he does play shitty games, there is one game he never plays or reviews. He then looks and picks up the E.T. box and grabs the game but he drops in fear. He then looks away scared and it ends with a "To Be Continued..."


  • This is the first episode to have a new intro, it's a duel screen playing scenes from the first 99 episodes of AVGN which ends with a clip from the battle in Episode 100
  • This episode is the first to not have a title card.
  • Originally, this episode was meant to be the final Angry Video Game Nerd episode before Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie was going to come out.

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