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"Where did YOU learn to fly? "'WHERE DID YOU LEARN TO BE AN ASSHOLE?!'"'"
—Skylar and The Angry Video Game Nerd to her


Portrayed by
Computer Guide
First Appearance
Jaguar Part 2

Skylar (nicknamed by the Nerd the "Where-Did-You-Learn-to-Fly Bitch" or simply the "Green Face") is a green female computer guide from the games Cybermorph and Battlemorph for the Atari Jaguar. She is mostly known for her infamous phrase "Where did YOU learn to fly?". Every single time the player crashes to some surface Skylar will ask her annoying question.

Role in AVGN episodeEdit

Her bitching was so great that she flew out of the game and started nagging the player. The Nerd grabbed a Super Scope, shot at her, destroying the irritating guide, and yelled "'WHERE DID YOU LEARN TO BE AN ASSHOLE?!'"'

Angry Video Game Nerd AdventuresEdit

She also appears as a boss battle in The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures, the Nerd's official game. In the stage Future Fuckballs 2010, the player must travel through the unfair future of 2010 before hopping on a silver surfboard and facing Skylar herself. She will fly in a wave like pattern with a sphere of little identical faces around her, which she identifies as her children. The player must destroy these faces, eliminating her defenses and pissing her off. She then violently soars around the stage in a V-trajectory while beams of deadly light shoot out of her every side. The Nerd must dodge these projectiles and gun her down out of the sky.

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