Ricky 1 Review

Ricky 1 Review

Ricky 1 is the Nerd's response to the Nostalgia Critic's challenge to review a shitty nostalgic movie.


After bringing up the Nostalgia Critic's challenge and complaining about how he has better stuff to do, the AVGN discusses the movie, bringing up how it's the only feature length spoof of the Rocky movies. He talks about how he originally discovered the movie in a video store in the late 80s and how he decided not to rent it; however, he soon decided to look it up on Ebay out of curiosity and he immediately cringes at the idea that there could be more copies out there. Prior to seeing the movie, he believed that the film would be a carbon copy of films like The Naked Gun or the National Lampoon movies, until he finally got to see the movie.

He starts off by discussing the main character Ricky, stating that he dresses like Rocky and acknowledging his catchphrase "Don't be negative.", a contrast to Rocky's quote "Absolutely." He also points out that Ricky's a male stripper and gigolo, something that's pointless to the AVGN, especially the random animal costumes. He also criticizes the inclusion of a pornographic business phone call.

He goes on to talk about the movie's Apollo inverse, The Champ (aka the Silver Shadow) and how Ricky feels he's not able to beat him because The Champ is the Champ. This is followed by a pointless bit involving an exploding doormat at a home invasion plug. The AVGN is quick to point out that burglars mainly come in through the window, and that there's an off chance that a mailman or pet could step on the mat.

He also talks about a scene that parodies The Godfather, which he describes as the only scene that comes close to being funny. The AVGN goes on to complain that the movie is poorly cobbled together, due to the inclusion of scenes that don't mend well together, such as the inclusion of a man laying dynamite everywhere and a cameo from Hitler, as well as pointless bits involving sexual lingo (including a scene where a guy gives a doll a blow job).

He then talks about the scenes where Ricky trains, citing that it comes close to Rocky, but falls short, especially with the inclusion of a Mickey parody who hardly comes close to his source character and generic gags and erection jokes. He concludes by discussing the final fight, where it just features random visual gags and fart jokes with no rhyme or reason.

The AVGN eventually ends the review, chastising the movie and the Nostalgia Critic and being thankful there's no sequel.