R.O.B. the Robot
Directed By
James Rolfe
Release Date
March 3, 2011
Games Reviewed
Gyromite, Stack-Up
Length Time
Previous Episode
Star Wars
Next Episode
Spielberg Games

R.O.B. the Robot is the 100th episode of The Angry Video Game Nerd (series).


It begins with the Nerd complains that all of his games suck and are all shitty in their own way. He then decides to throw a pen at his next game to talk about. It picks Gyromite, which the Nerd talks how classic it was back then. He then play figures out that the game is a co-op game. Unsure who will help him play the game. R.O.B. appears stating he will play. However he tells he can't use the remote since he has no thumbs and order the Nerd to get him a tray for the controller. However R.O.B. can't start with gyros. The Nerd makes a Gyro for him which R.O.B. orders him to go towards the shelf to get a spinner called gyros. After getting it, the Nerd and R.O.B begin playing.

After a long time to start, the Nerd talks about the game more in depth. After having enough of it, he wants to play another game. However R.O.B. wants to play Stack-Up. Getting the box, the Nerd finds out that there are more attachments for R.O.B. to play the game. After setting up, the Nerd talks about this game and how its different then the other game. He stops and tries to play other games but R.O.B. only want to play either Gyromite or Stack-Up. After being forced to play Gyromite, the Nerd had enough of R.O.B. and knocks him over.

The Nerd finds other ways to play the game without R.O.B. but then decides to play another game. R.O.B. gets back up and turns all of the games to either Gyromite and Stack-Up. The Nerd is shocked by this and gets blasted and tied up by all of his controllers. He gets beaten up by R.O.B., R.O.B. tells him of his mission which is to first get rid of all the games that are not either Gyromite or Stack-Up. He was told that he was the new hope to bring video games back to normal. However the Nerd tells that Nintendo fixed the problem without R.O.B but R.O.B. doesn't buy it. The Nerd takes his plush Mario to battle R.O.B. which is destoryed by him. R.O.B. then defeats and kill the Nerd. The Nerd talks on how he feels about no more shitty games, looks back on the shitty games he's talk about in his life.

However, the Nerd doesn't want it to happen and wakes up, becomes the Super NES Nerd. He flys to battle R.O.B. and defeats him. The games return to normal and The Nerd picks up some of the NES games. It ends with a close of Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest, which was his first review.


  • This is the first episode shot in 16:9.
  • This episode was foreshadowed in the NES Accessories episode, as R.O.B. the Robot was seen lurking behind the Nerd's back.
  • Some of the games he reviewed before were seen at the end of the episode.
  • This marks the second apperance of the Nerd in his combat gear.
  • This is the last episode to have a title card until the MEGA MAN Games Episode.
  • James had been wanting to make a R.O.B. the Robot episode for a while but he didn't have the necessary pieces for the robot until then.

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