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Pat Contri, better known as Pat the NES Punk, is a retro game collector and reviewer. Pat guest starred on the 104th episode of the Angry Video Game Nerd titled "Nintendo World Championships." Pat also guest starred on two episodes of the Spike TV series "1000 Ways To Die" as an interviewee.

Nintendo World ChampionshipsEdit

In the episode, the Nerd calls Pat after receiving a reproduction cartridge of the NES game, Nintendo World Championship. The Nerd trades a newly acquired box of NES games for Pat's cartridge, but Pat finds the even rare gold version in the box (Originally mistaking it for The Legend of Zelda II), so the two ultimately settle on a tournament battle for the cartridge.

The Nerd is disappointed after seeing the games included on it, and ultimately smashes both cartridges shortly after Pat wins. Pat crawls in shock to the cartridges, and begins laughing manically and strangles the Nerd as the episode ends.

In reality, Pat owns both the grey and the gold variants of the cartridges, and as shown after the end credits of that episode, the carts destroyed in the episode weren't really the NWC cartridges, but other games with the stickers replaced and fake switches planted on them. The grey one was Top Gun and the gold one, ironically, was Legend of Zelda.

Angry Video Game Nerd AdventuresEdit

In the game, Pat makes a cameo in the stage Boo! Haunted House. After finding a secret location in the dark hallways of the haunted mansion, one can stumble upon the NES Punk. Referencing the episode above, Pat will ask the Nerd, "Did you get a golden NWC cartridge yet?". The Nerd will respond with "Shut up, Pat. Thanks for the beers," referring to the two beers and three extra lives behind him that the player can take.

Angry Video Game Nerd: The MovieEdit

Pat makes an appearance in Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie. He will be part of the Nerd protesters/fan crowd.

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