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Mike Matei
Mike Matei.
Mike Matei
is an executive producer for Cinemassacre Productions. He works alongside James Rolfe writing, editing and starring in a wide variety of web videos such as James & Mike Mondays.

Matei is also the co-writer for the Angry Video Game Nerd. He has played many guest characters on the show. And he also drew the title cards that appear in the shows intro (From episode 5-100).

He is sometimes known as "Motherfucker Mike " because he plays a character that is a cheating bastard on the Cinemassacre series "Board James". And he's widely known for playing character roles on The Angry Video Game Nerd such as Bugs Bunny

Matei created the Cinemassacre's youtube channel in 2006. He named it "JamesNintendoNerd" because at that point they were undecided on the shows official title (this was before the name "Angry Video Game Nerd" existed).

Matei sometimes does his own game reviews on the Cinemassacre YouTube channel . His game reviews include such titles as Looney Tunes: Sheep Raider, Dark Souls, Top Ten SNES Gems and many others. Though he began doing comedic videos, he has progressed into doing more serious critiques of games. 

Matei is a major contibutor in helping with the video editing for Cinemassacre's Monster Madness. 

In 2013, Matei appeared as a playable character in The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures. He wields a red lightsaber and has the ability to see through blocks hiding items that will assist the play such as health. His only quote is "Hey, Nerd! You're here too!" once the player stumbles upon him. When the actual Nerd reviewed such a game in AVGN Games, he didn't know who Mike was. This is because Mike only appears behind the scenes between the Nerd's fictitious world and James Rolfe's real world.

Mike's Game GlitchesEdit

On January 14th 2011 Mike Matei did his first solo video for Cinemassacre "How to Jump Over The Flagpole on Stage 1-1 in Super Mario Bros". Which went viral on the web.

In interviews , Matei has stated that he originally was going to include this as part of the abandoned video "AVGN Game Glitches 2".

Instead, Matei started his own spin-off series called "Mike's Game Glitches", where he showed the audience how to perform glitches and tricks in video games. This series ran from Feb 2011 to  Feb 2012. Currently Matei spends most of his time editing James & Mike Mondays and other Cinemassacre videos.

The Angry Video Game Nerd MovieEdit

Mike Matei's initial role for the AVGN movie did not involve production on the film itself. Instead, Matei remained on the East coast to maintain the Cinemassacre website and Youtube channel. He produced a variety of content such as Motherfuckin' Mondays, Top 10's and other game reviews.

Rolfe left for California in January 2012 to start pre-production on the AVGN feature film. The filming did not begin until April 2012.

Since Matei began posting his own content, their Youtube channel has gained over 500,000 additional subscribers. And Matei has earned a huge fanbase of his own doing reviews of obscure games. On March 20th, 2013 the Cinemassacre YouTube channel reached the 1 million subscriber mark, coinciding with the release of Matei's Pandemonium! review for PS1.

Matei has been helping Rolfe write and edit AVGN episodes since 2006, and they have been working on videos together since they met in college. In a Reddit interview it was announced Matei will most likely not appear in the AVGN feature film because Matei does not consider himself an actor. He plans to stick to web content only. (Though a brief cameo is under consideration) 

AVGN Characters Played By Mike MateiEdit

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