NES Accessories Title Card

As the Nerd said himself, "You have a game, and a controller. That's the way it goes. But sometimes that wasn't enough." Nintendo was always finding new, creative ways to make and play their games, so they made several accessories, of which the Angry Video Game Nerd reviewed, along with the Super Scope for the SNES. Though the idea of accessories isn't as popular today as it was then, seeing that Nintendo is the only company today making them, such as the Wii-mote Nunchuck, or the Wii-Zapper. There were two other accessories he reviewed, the Power Glove, and R.O.B. the Robot, but each of these had their own individual episode.




Being one of the best known NES accessories and Nerd weapons, the Zapper is a grey (later orange), revolver-like plastic toy used to loosely simulate a shooter. Also nicknamed "the gun" and "the light gun" due to the way it operates (sensing to see if the player hits the invisible box of light coating a target), the Nerd wields a pair of these holstered when he's the Super NES Angry Video Game Nerd.

He also uses it to execute Jason Voorhees in his episode, attempts to kill Optimus Prime with it, and defaultly wields it in the Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures, as it shoots rapid streams of weak light pellets that will damage and/or kill any enemy it hits.

Super Scope


The fire button isn't on that back handle, no, it's right under the aiming scope.

The Super Scope is a large, grey bazooka-like rifle which is basically just a larger Zapper and operates the same way. The Nerd equips himself with said weapon to fight the Nostalgia Critic, R.O.B. the Robot, and Skylar.

It is also is the main weapon of the Super NES Angry Video Game Nerd and a usable firearm in The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures. Instead of wielding it like a true rifle and how he usually holds it in his videos, the Nerd slings it over his shoulder like a rocket launcher and shoots huge balls of deadly energy that fire in a less rapid pattern. Though it's a compressed war-machine that mows down all in it's way, if the player is hit just once, even on full health, they will drop the rifle and can only get it back once they find another.

Miracle Piano

This had only one game made for it on the NES, and there was also a Sega Genesis version. It's a keyboard/piano lesson where there are two games: play the song right or a robot walking on a conveyor belt dies, or play the song right to blow up a bunch of ducks. Although you can cheat the duck game by randomly mashing the keyboard. This keyboard is actually available for other systems as well.

Power Pad

The present-day equivalent being Dance Dance Revolution, you lay the Power Pad on the ground like Twister, and you use it for running games such as World Class Track Meet. This was made as a family sort of thing, but according to the Nerd, most kids back in the day would just play by themselves up in their rooms, so their parents would hear their loud stomping, and their pets would piss on it. For some odd reason, this makes the AVGN feel he needs an anal evacuation. There are two versions of the device, the Nerd's being the one on the right.

It is used as a projectile deflecting cape drapping over the Nerd's back when in superhero mode.


"What is it? It's a piece of fucking plastic." The Speedboard (like the name implies) was made to "put the speed at your fingertips", though its construction doesn't let you grip the controller, which is a big problem. Though it was made by a third-party company, Pressman, it was actually licensed by Nintendo. "It's like covering a turd in ice cream sprinkles."

In the James & Mike Mondays episode, Mario Paint (SNES), Mike Matei attempts to use the back of the Speedboard as a mousepad. 

Konami LaserScope

Though the Nerd loves Konami, he said this thing reeks of ass. The LaserScope is essentially another form of the Zapper, except voice controlled, being a head mounted scope. You shout "Fire!" and it activates, but you can really say anything, after realizing the Nerd starts shouting profanities, killing a duck by saying "fuck." It also advertises on the box that "Parents will love what they don't hear: While the LaserScope surrounds the player with the sounds of exciting gameplay action, non-players can listen to music, read a book, talk on the phone, or have a conversation in the same room." Though that's a blatant lie when the player's always shouting aloud "FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!". This accessory is a part of the Super NES AVGN set, acting as both a helmet and an eye mounted laser.

Roll N' Rocker

Modern day equivalent being the Wii Fit, the Roll n' Rocker was made so the player can stand on it and rock around to control the D-pad. And you can plug in the normal controller to use the red buttons, which defeats the purpose of the thing completely. The Nerd said every game reacts to it different, but none of them work, best example being Metal Gear doing absolutely nothing. You also can't be more than 100 lbs., so the Nerd tested it with his cat Boo, but that didn't work either. The Nerd said this is the most worthless accessory. He then asked who made it before finding out it was LJN, the maker of several terrible licensed games the Nerd had reviewed before. Though, the AVGN was entertained when he realized he was drinking Rolling Rock on the Roll N' Rocker.


The U-force opens up like a laptop and looks like electronic Battleship at first glance. It uses a 3-Dimensional Invisible Power Field, so, for example, if you were to use it with Mike Tyson's Punch-Out (where you have to put a little bar into a slot), you can actually move your hands through the air as if you were punching to attack.

Or, with Top Gun, you stick a joystick thing into the slot (as seen in the picture) and control it like an actual plane joystick. Every game comes with a specific code, kind of like the Power Glove codes. It is a piece of armor that straps around his stomach and deflect most if not all deadly projectiles when it's apart of the Super NES AVGN. Despite the U-Force's poor reception, it is one of the few accessories that the Nerd enjoyed using since he found it to be functional. 

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