Kid Kool
Directed By
James Rolfe
Release Date
August 4, 2011
Games Reviewed
Kid Kool and The Quest for the Seven Wonder Herbs
Length Time
Previous Episode
The Making of an Angry Video Game Nerd Episode
Next Episode
Nintendo World Championships

Kid Kool is the 103rd episode of The Angry Video Game Nerd (series).


It begins with the Nerd talking about how horrible and shitty the game Kid Kool is. He then decides to play the game to prove his point on why the game sucks so much. He begins with saying the game was made by Vic Tokai who also made DecapAttack and Psycho Fox. He states the graphics and gameplay are like each other in Kid Kool and Psycho Fox. He states while DecapAttack and Psycho Fox were good games, it was sad that Kid Kool wasn't. He states the character is nothing like the one on the front cover. Since the one on the cover was cool for many reasons.

He tells that the story is about a king who is sick and needs seven herbs to cure him. So he selects Kid Kool to find the herbs. He talks about the attack is really just Kid Kool throwing a puffball. He states the sky'a background varies different colors. He also talks on how hard the enemies are. Also many spelling errors in the game. He says it shows how you die in the game and how you come back to life. He then talks about what he calls the Seven Horrible Design Flaws.

He starts with the first one which is that you can't go back called One Way Bullshit. The second is Two Geared Dirreaha which is if you run too fast you may die but too slow and you can't jump great distances. The Third is called Jump Fuckness, since the jump control is horrible. The Fourth is Top Semi-Aquatic Ass, since the jumping on water is really diffucult. The Fifth is air suspension shitless, since the vertical screen is annoying. The Sixth called Inviso Bitch, since the invisable items are really a bitch this time. The Seventh is Free-Falling Fuck Balls since you have no clue what's at the bottem.

He then asked why is the game so fucking bad. In the end of the game, it says the King died since Kid Kool took so long. He then notices why the time counter was there for and gets pissed off. He ends that Kid Kool is not cool and throws it in the trash without looking in one shot.


  • This episode parodied the Seven Deadly Sins.

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