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Independence Day is the 29th episode of The Angry Video Game Nerd (series). It is 6 minutes and 29 seconds long, and first aired on July 4, 2007, which is Independence Day in the US. The episode marks the first time the Nerd reviews a game from the fifth generation of consoles.


It starts with the Nerd saying about what would happen if you take a movie that's "ass" and make it into a video game. He says that you'd get "a piece of shit!" and introduces the game he is about to review on the PlayStation. He says how he doesn't even want to talk about it and how it's making him sick.

He says how the first thing about why it is bad is because of being a game where you're flying around and shooting at things like many other games before it. He says how it's so "bland and mediocre" that it's hard to come up with valid criticisms. He explains the gameplay of the Grand Canyon stage, which is to disable the generators. He says how there's an annoying voice that keeps telling you that. He misses his chance to destroy one and says how it disappears. He says how you're never able to spot it from a distance and use enough of your firepower to take it out as they appear when you're too close to be ready to take it out. He says how he thinks it's a graphic flaw and keeps looking for the generators. When the voice tells him to take out the generators, he says how he wishes that voice would just "shut the hell up!" He comments on the radar on how it's too small and makes no sense. He says how trying to hit anything with bullets is impossible but the missiles are effective. He says how the controls "sucks monkey balls" and if you're go anywhere near the ground, you're going to hit it. He tries to get a power-up but fails and says how there's a time limit. He says how if you you make your goals, you get to attack the ship and advance to the next level.

In the level of Washington D.C., he says how it looks like "shit" and explains the gameplay in this level, which is to defend the E-3. He comments on the password system being slow and then names some of the stages of the game. He says how they all "suck" and are all just the same. He says how the worst thing about this is that it makes him feel really guilty to be playing it and how he should do something better with his time. He says how he's got to get away from this game and this room and do something wild.

He says how the lack of music and the droning effect the game has reminds him of Top Gun on the NES. He says how he'd rather play that game than this one, even though he hated it and it drove him insane. He says how even thinking about it is like a breath of fresh air. He says how Top Gun was based on a "crappy" 80s movie but Independence Day is based on a "crappy" 90s movie. He says how Top Gun may be "a piece of shit", but has some nostalgia factor to it and he might have some affection for it.

He says how video games have come a long way, but this one happens to be middle-of-the-road. He says how a lot of people feel that PlayStation was the last of the classic game consoles, but how he thinks that it was all over after the Super Nintendo. He ends the video saying how he doesn't care if you agree with his opinions on games, but what he cares about is you to enjoy the video and have a great 4th of July. He says to drink some beers but to be safe and celebrate your independence and not to play "shitty fucking games!" He throws the compact disc game like a frisbee, which shows the game flying through backgrounds of famous landmarks around the world, before coming back to the room and exploding.

Games reviewed

Independence Day (PlayStation)

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