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Hong Kong 97 is the 134th episode of the Angry Video Game Nerd webseries. It is the first episode to released in 2015, specifically released on March 26.

Episode Information

In this episode, the Nerd does a review on a semi-unreleased Super Famicom title called Hong Kong 97 (romanized from the Chinese characters 香港). He describes the game as "almost being released" on the Super Famicom, because it was hardly seen or listed publicly as released. It never saw a Super Nintendo release. It is a very cheap-looking Shooter game, similar to Space Invaders.

The game involves a protagonist named "Chin" who is represented by pixelly photographs of Jackie Chan, who is apparently a relative of Bruce Lee's in the game. (The Nerd states that he does not think either person gave consent for them to even be in the game.) "Chin" only has one means of attack, a tiny white fireball which is shot from his back (he shoots enemies with his back toward them) and the fireballs make enemies turn into mini-nuke explosions. (The Nerd says that it looks like a mushroom cloud in a box.)

Since Deng Xiaoping died in 1997, and the game has many things to do with the year, and the song keeps looping, the Nerd calls it the meaning of life.


  • This is the only time in the series that the Nerd has played a console game via an emulator, due to how rare it is to find cartridges of Hong Kong 97. 
  • A fanmade game based on the exaggerated concepts the Nerd cited in this episode was made, titled New York, NY 2017.
  • The dead body that appears in the Game Over screen is an actual forensic screencap of Polish boxer Leszek Błażyński the day he committed suicide. It is unknown how it was obtained by the game developers.

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