The Game Graphic Glitch Gremlin


Portrayed by
Glitching video games
First Appearance
Game Glitches

The Game Graphic Glitch Gremlin is a gremlin that is the main antagonist in Angry Video Game Nerd episode 92 (Game Glitches) and a minor antagonist in 93 (Zelda II). He is responsible for causing glitches in games. He was mentioned in episode 118 (Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing).


In order to annoy the Nerd, he causes the games to glitch. He has a fondness of this. He has a phobia of Q-tips.

Role in Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures

He is a power-up that can be used up to two times. When used, everything (other than the nerd and himself) will stop moving. The enemies, hazards (they'll still hurt upon contact), and the screen will become glitchy for a short period of time.


  • He is played by Kevin Finn.
  • He speaks with an Irish accent.
  • The Glitch Gremlin is the only Angry Video Game Nerd villain to actually kind of "win", as he glitched the Nerd's room and eventually the Nerd himself.
  • The glitch gremlin is another villain not to be played by Mike Matei, The other being the "Hillbillly" in Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Michael Myers in Halloween (however Mike played Michael for one part while Liam Mulvey played him in the end.)


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