"When Game Genie doesn't help, you know you're fucked!"
—The Nerd

Game Genie is a unofficial cheat device used by the Nerd in NES games. Sometimes, it can't be useful, and might make the situation worse.




  • OXXKPVK: Ghosts immunity (used by the Nerd).

Frankenstein: The Monster Returns


  • SXKELLSA: Almost unlimited energy (used by the Nerd)
  • SZKEPASA/SZEGPASA: Invincibility after losing first life
  • PEOGYPLA: Start wth no continues.
  • SZEEULSA: Can not collect extra-energy
  • EEKAYLEL: One hit is fatal

Ninja Gaiden


  • SZETPGVG: Infinite lives.
  • AAUVLIZE: Start with 9 lifes.
  • IAUVLIZA: Start with 6 lifes.
  • AAUVLIZA: Start with one life.
  • AEXVVYIA: Infinites windmills.
  • AAETUYIA: Unlimited fire-wheel
  • AAVTNYLA: Unlimited Shuriken
  • APEIKGTA: Maximum strength.

Ikari Warriors


  • SXSNZTVI: Inifinite lifes (used by the Nerd).

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