Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is the second episode of The Angry Video Game Nerd (series). It was created in May of 2004 but it had no online debut until April 8, 2006.


The Nerd is seen sitting at his computer. He then explains why Castlevania 2 was bad, it does not compare on how shitty Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is. He says while Castlevania 2 had hopes, while this one didn't. He keeps rambling that the game sucks and compares it to other games. He says while he doesn't want to play it, he needs to show what he's talking about. He then shows off the cover and asked who buyed and played this game before him.

He then begins playing the game. He then complains how bad the staff is as weapon. And also asks who are these people trying to kill Dr. Jekyll. After dying, he turns into Mr. Hyde. He then for no reason just dies. He then stops playing and then now people will know why the game sucks. He then gives advice stating to stay away from the game even if you want to collect all the games. He ends with a close up stating he's "dead fucking serious" that no one should play Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.


  • This the Nerd's first on-screen appearance.
  • The drinking of Rolling Rock became a staple of the Nerd.
  • This was meant to be a one-shot show, but Mike Matei saw it on VHS and asked James Rolfe to do another one.