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Double Dragon 3 is the eleventh episode of The Angry Video Game Nerd (series). It was originally released on September 22, 2006, and is 4 minutes and 9 seconds long.


The Nerd starts off by saying that Double Dragon I and II are good, but III is just "a fucking waste!" He criticises the talking parts which really slow the game down. He criticises the game as being "too damn hard" as you only get one life, so if you die once, you start all over again. He says how he can't even get through the first level without dying, unlike the two previous installments in the series. He comments on how the energy goes down faster than the previous games. He mocks it on how he thinks that the developers were trying to make it realistic, as if you went out in the streets to fight so many people at the same time, "you'd get your ass handed to you!" He says how your character should never go in between any of the enemies, and to keep using the spin kick. He comments on how sometimes the spin kick won't work, especially when it's vital. He says how the only way to get past the first level is to be a hardcore player, or playing 2 player. He says how in 2 player, it starts off by showing the story sequence, but shows both Double Dragons. Then the Nerd notices a typo, and instead of reading "Billy", it reads "Bimmy." The Nerd is baffled on how the developers can make a mistake like this, and says that "Bimmy" isn't even a real name, and how the developers didn't proof read "this shit" before they released it. He repeats "Bimmy and Jimmy" and how he can't get over the typo and how it's the first screen. He says how playing 2 player is much easier, but is still a hard game. He says how there's too many enemies on the screen, and sometimes it just gets ridiculous. He says how the characters start to blink, making it hard to see what you're doing, but says how it's an old video game flaw, and it's common when there's so much "shit" on the screen. He says that though you get one life, the game designers at least had the courtesy of refilling your energy everytime you beat a level. He says how along the way, you meet other characters that you can play as. So if you die, you still can use this other character, so it's finally like having another life, but except that he "sucks!" and goes on to criticise the other character, showing in the gameplay how the Nerd has no chance against the ninja enemy with that character, and dies. He ends the video by saying: "What a piece of fucking goddamn shit... Fuck!"

Games reviewed

Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones for the NES

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