Deady Towers is a request episode of The Angry Video Game Nerd and it was first released on Gametrailers on August 19, 2008 and on YouTube on February 28, 2010. The Nerd requested for fans of the series to write this episode for him by emailing him with facts about the game, and dialogue. The chosen submitters are credited at the end of the episode.

Fans Credited in the Episode

  • Adam Black
  • Ville Hookanen
  • Eric Heydt
  • YTPMaker1
  • Advertureguy
  • Duston Perone
  • Corey Knapp
  • Neh Martin
  • Joshua Joe Cox
  • Matt Lowe
  • William X Florida
  • Alan Brooks
  • Sam Holt
  • Devon Shippam
  • Andrew Lip
  • Tim
  • Gary Dirty Garbage Richards
  • Jon Fox
  • Bob Tahmer Anderson
  • Miklos Takacs
  • Adrian Foster
  • Mike Gizmo Gismondi
  • Benjamin Burnix Janssen
  • eatingfood1
  • Reversalmushroom
  • Sascha The Slasher Bougie
  • Sebastian Wimmer
  • John H. Emosewa
  • T.J. Goodlet
  • Linus Karlsson & Sara Lundstroem
  • Thomas Maluck
  • Jaymes Winn
  • Jason Thompson
  • Mztodahizow
  • Justin Bares
  • Drew Monath
  • Christan Duenas

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