Dark Castle
Directed By
James Rolfe
Release Date
October 6, 2011
Games Reviewed
Dark Castle (Genesis), Dark Castle (CD-i)
Length Time
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Nintendo World Championship
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Dark Castle is the 105th episode of The Angry Video Game Nerd.


It begins with The Nerd talking about that he had played many shitty NES games and asked why there are so many of them. He then tells that he will be taking a break from NES games and moves to the Sega Genesis. He stated that 16-bits were a big deal back them and then shifts his attention towards Dark Castle. He begins with comments on the intro and how "scary" it is.

He then sees that the character looks like Shaggy or Peter Pan with a mullet. He then asks why the rooms have question mark explain for when which has Burger King's intitials. Inside he fails to jump and also the enemies suck. He notices the graffiti in the background which said gamers rule and Saddam was here. The Nerd thinks that Saddam was a hard core gamer. He then complains that the music is one constant annoying loop. He then talks about the control and how much it sucks. He then argues on how sucky the rocks are. He then complains the time it takes to attack really is too long. He then talks shit that the character can't do anything right, and how clumsy he is. He then compares the game's controls with other games with notoriously bad controls he has played and concludes that Dark Castle is now the game with the worst control by far, at least for 2D side-scroller standards, and calls it the worst game he has played on the Sega Genesis.

He then complains on the way the character dies and how he does sucks. He says the paths don't end in a wall even its a dead end. He then tries to change the difficulty, he then complains that even the easiest difficulty is hard enough. He then ends the game and turns to the game's CD-i version. The Nerd then says since this is more advanced that one would expect it to be better, but he was wrong. Stunned, he then states that the CD-i version is even worse than the Genesis version. It ends with The Nerd taking his anger out on both games and hitting them with a whip.


  • This is the 2011 AVGN Halloween Special
  • The Nerd mentioned previous game reviews from past episodes
  • Behind the couch, you can see Guitar Guy in skeleton form
  • Jason Voorhees and Freddy Kruger's claw in the background as well.
  • Before the Nerd switches to Dark Castle CD-i, he says "Let’s flick that shit-switch and crank up that diarrhea-dial; I got dark castle on C-D-I!" A similar line was used in Bible Games 2 when he says "Time to flick the shit switch! Turn up the diarrhea dial! It's Bible games on CD-i!"