Cinemassacre Productions

Screenshot (127)

Privately owned
Video and film production
1989 as a company
2000 as a website
Havertown, Philadelphia, USA
Key people
James Rolfe (founder, owner)
Mike Matei (executive producer)

Cinemassacre Productions LLC or The Cinemasssacre Productions is the name of James Rolfe's independent video and film production company. James Rolfe said that the company started in 1989, however, the site was made in 2000. It has AVGN, James & Mike Mondays, Board James and more. It also features independent movies James has made. 

Along with their website, Cinemassacre Productions has two official YouTube channels: Cinemassacre and Cinemassacre Plays



  • Both YouTube channels have had name changes:
    • The main channel was originally created as JamesNintendoNerd (and still appears as such in the address bar), before being renamed to Cinemassacre.
    • The secondary channel was originally created as Cinemassacre (and still appears as such in the address bar), before being renamed first to James Rolfe, then to Cinemassacre Extras, then to Cinemassacre Extra (singular), and then finally to Cinemassacre Plays.

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