Directed By
James Rolfe
Release Date
June 9, 2010 (GameTrailers); August 11, 2011 (YouTube)
Games Reviewed
Cheetahmen, Cheetahmen II, Action 52 (Genesis)
Length Time
Previous Episode
Action 52
Next Episode
Game Glitches

Cheetahmen is the 91st episode of The Angry Video Game Nerd.


It begins with The Nerd summarizing what happen last time and now will play the last game on Action 52 called Cheetahmen. He states since this game got a comic book and a planned toy line that the game has to be good. As soon as he starts, he gets all worked up and calms down to resume playing. He states the game isn't that bad since its the only one with a story. He then states the story makes no sense. He then comments on the enemies and the music stops every time the character hits a enemy. He complains of the way you die is really dumb. He states the way it ends a level is just plain stupid. He then talks about a glitch in the game where you can jump through out the level. However he states how hard the later levels are but during one of them, he finds a 1up and skips to the next level. He then talks of the level numbers are screwed up. Then after facing a hard boss and contuining to the next level, The Nerd stops playing and states thats it for Action 52. However he states a sequel was made.

Telling a true story, saying that the games were taken to a warehouse to stay for years till a break in led to the games discovery. The games were taken and sold for a huge sum of money. He then reveals to only the game and then begins to play. He states the story is better then the last game stating it tells who the villain is. He states the graphic and music are the same like last time. He states the gameplay sucks and there is so many glitches. He states the 1st boss is easy. He gets revenge in the future levels. He states the Apeman boss is hard to defeat. He resets the game and beat the boss. He states you can't play the last 2 levels for some reason. However there is another Cheetahmen game but on the Action 52 for the Genesis.

He then begins playing by talking about the other games which all suck in their own ways. He talks about the enemies suck in this game. He states its so hard that he can't get past the first level. He then states it sucks but celibrates that he never has to play it again.


  • The game does return in the next episode since it has many glitches.

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