Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest is the first episode of The Angry Nintendo Nerd series (later to be renamed The Angry Video Game Nerd). It was created in 2004, but it didn't air online until April 8, 2006.


The episode opens with the Nerd (who is not seen onscreen in this episode) stating that the game sucks. He says that Castlevania 1 and 3 were good, but that Castlevania 2 was a bad game. His first criticism is of the day to night transitions. A dialogue box pops up and interrupts his gameplay and he can't skip it. The next thing he wonders is why you die when you fall in the water ("This guy can go all over fighting hordes of evil monsters, but he can't even fuckin swim?").

He doesn't feel like going down the stairs to get to ground level, so he jumps. But he lands in the water. Hearts are used as currency in this game, which the Nerd finds odd. You lose all your hearts if you die. He finally gets enough hearts to buy an item he needs, when it goes to nighttime (all the stores close at night). He decides to kill some zombies to get more hearts while he waits for it to turn day again, but accidentally falls into the water and loses all his hearts.

He complains that there are no bosses in the dungeons. He comes across an orb that he can't touch unless he throws an oak stake at it. Unfortunately, he wasted his oak stake because he thought it was a weapon. The next fault of the game is that some parts are not self explanatory. He uses a level where you have to crouch against a wall with a red crystal selected and wait for a tornado to pick him up as an example.

When he finds a few books that give him helpful hints about the game, the dialogue box comes up. Surprised at finding them, the Nerd sometimes hits the button to cancel them. This gets on his nerves because you cannot cancel the day to night transition boxes, but he can cancel the helpful dialogue boxes.

When he finally gets to Dracula's castle, he is disappointed at how anti-climactic it is. There are no enemies in the castle, and Dracula is defeated with relative ease. The episode ends by fading to black. It quickly cuts to the ending screen and the Nerd states that that sucks too.


  • This and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde were called "Bad NES Games" on the original VHS tape release.
  • The Nerd does not physically appear in this episode, he only does a voiceover alongside the in-game footage.