Angry Video Game Nerd Battletoads screenshot

Battletoads is the 55th episode of The Angry Video Game Nerd (series). It was released on September 3, 2008 and is 7 minutes and 52 seconds long.


After singing the intro theme song, the Guitar Guy sits down on the couch where the Nerd is talking about Battletoads. The Nerd shouts at him to go back behind the couch, but Guitar Guy complains that he's always behind the couch during reviews. It shows flashbacks in black-and-white of Guitar Guy being behind the couch during the Nerd's past reviews. The Nerd allows him to participate in this episode just this once and play Battletoads on two-player mode with him.

When starting the game, the Nerd tells Guitar Guy how it's just a one-player game, but is actually not. The Nerd then complains on why it doesn't show in the title screen the possibility of two players. When it shows the characters' "disgusting" names, the Nerd says how they might as well be the names of sexual diseases. Throughout playing the game, the Nerd complains about being able to hit your opponent and how when one player loses all their lives, it's game over for the both of them. The Nerd says how it's a great game and has a great pause music and they both start doing actions to the music. The Nerd concludes that the game in single-player mode is great, but not the two-player mode. Guitar Guy goes back behind the couch and the Nerd says how it's a good idea to bunker himself from all these "shitty" games. The review ends with Guitar Guy playing the theme song again, and the video ends with the Battletoads pause music playing.

Games reviewed

Battletoads for the NES.

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