Bad Luck Bootsy

Bad Luck Bootsy

Portrayed by
Brendan Castner (2010-present)
Board Game player
Character's First Appearance
Tornado Rex
Latest Appearance

Brendan "Bootsy" Castner, otherwise known as Bad Luck Bootsy, is a character from the Board James series. As his name suggests, he is a jinx and a frequent cause of bad luck during the episodes, either hurting himself or someone else, ruining or destroying the game. It's because of this that Board James and Motherfucker Mike are normally reluctant to play games with Bootsy. He says that he won't mess up anything to persuade James and Mike to let him play, but by the end of the episode, he's fucked something up. Despite the seeming lack of intellegence of the character, he claims to have a college degree in bioengineering. Bootsy debuts in the episode "Tornado Rex" to play the game with Motherfucker Mike and Board James just as Mike wonders about finding a third player. Failing to heed the warning of Board James to not twist the Tornado Rex spinner more than three times, it goes flying through the air while James and Mike argue about Mike's cheating and impales Bootsy through his right eye. Bootsy is also revealed to be a zoophiliac in the "Shark Attack" episode as he confirms to Mike that he fucked a dolphin once and even develops an attraction to the mechanical shark from the Shark Attack game, laying on the couch with it. Despite his usual friendly and calm demeanor, he has had moments where he's shown anger such as in "Shark Attack" when he flips off Mike and cusses him out due to Mike calling him "Waldo" over his red and white striped swimsuit and in "Wacky Blasters" when Board James and Motherfucker Mike initally don't want to listen to his idea to play board games in a table fort. 

A running gag in the first 2 seasons was that he would get injured every time he played a game with Board James and Motherfucker Mike. In "Tornado Rex", his eye was impaled with the Tornado Rex piece. In "Donut Disaster", he scolded his face with coffee. In "Splat!", he got sick after eating play dough. And in "Shark Attack", the mechanical shark from the game bit his dick off after he tried to make love to it. After Bootsy's resurrection during Season 3, the gag stopped though it did return briefly in "13 Dead End Drive" when Bootsy accidentally hangs himself after murdering Motherfucker Mike.

Bootsy's death occurred in the Dream Phone episode, in which he was hanged by an unknown assailant. Board James believes that the Dream Phone was the murderer of both Motherfucker Mike and Bad Luck Bootsy. However, Board James also fears that perhaps he has lost his mind, and was the true murderer all along.

In the Board James episode "Ouija/Domino Rally", Motherfucker Mike and Bootsy are resurrected in the forms of Elvis Presley (Mike) and Rodney Dangerfield (Bootsy). In later episodes, it's revealed that the two didn't even exist to begin with, an James was just a friendless schizophrenic hallucinating the two. Bootsy also notably has his right eye back after his resurrection and no longer wears his eyepatch. 

In the episode "13 Dead End Drive", it is suggested that Motherfucker Mike was the one responsible for killing Bootsy as he finds a photograph in James' trenchcoat that shows Mike holding Bootsy's noose as he hangs in the closet. However, it is likely that it could have been the game doing this in an attempt to manipulate Bootsy into murdering Mike. 

Bad Luck Bootsy also has a cameo in The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures 2: ASSimilation who was stabbed to death along side Motherfucker Mike by Board James as the Nerd stumbles across James killing them.

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